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The three main components of every automatic sprinkler system are the controller, station-control valves and sprinklers.


The controller is the brain of the system, telling the control valves when and how long to supply water to the sprinklers.

The controller operates the valves in order, one at a time. In other words, one station would water completely before another station would turn on. This is called a watering cycle. The information stored in the controller memory that determines when and how long the stations will water is called a program.

Control Valves

Each valve controls a specific group of sprinklers called a watering station. The stations are generally laid out and installed according to the type of plant material to be watered, the location of the plant within the landscape and the maximum amount of water that can be supplied. Each valve is connected to a numbered terminal within the controller, identifying it as Station 1, Station 2, etc.


The sprinklers direct and control the water applied to the lawn and plants.


Water is the foundation of all life, plant and animal. While it covers almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface, less than 1% of that water is available for human use.

Here in eastern Canada, we appear to have an abundance of fresh water sources, but growing populations and demands for access to these resources require our best management practice in preserving this supply. The costs in sustaining and developing water supply infrastructures also lead us to water usage efficiency as our one real solution, rather than searching for and developing newer sources.

From maintaining water source quality through to its most effective and efficient usage, we have assembled a line-up of leading edge water technologies and tools. All best of class for the best in water management.

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